Other maps of Romania

Regional HDI map of Romania.
Romania's development level map, 2017.
Romania and territories under Romanian administration, 1941-1944.
Ethnic map of the Székely Land with the historical extension of the region.
Counties of the Kingdom of Romania in 1918-1925.
Where are some high profile Romanian corruption case defendants fled during their trial.
Y-DNA similarity between Romania and other European countries.
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania.
Religious minorities of Romania according to the 1900 census.
Ethnic Makeup of the Kingdom of Romania, 1930.
Optimal routes by car from the county seats to county limits in Romania.
If Romania and Chad became one country.
Distance traveled in one hour, taking into account traffic data, in major cities of Romania
Literacy in the Kingdom of Romania, 1930.
Religious makeup of Romanian cities in 1900.
Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia at their greatest, least and mean extent.
Building materials and house types in Romania in 1891.
Map of Romania, with each county's Coat of Arms.
Religions in Romania, 2002.
GDP per capita by Romanian county and similar countries.
Romania GDP per capita by county cartogram.
Ethnic and religious makeup of 1930's Southern Dobruja within Greater Romania.
Historical Borders of Romania, 1859-2010.
Places named Slobozia in Romania and Moldova.
Economic profile of Romania in 1902/3.
Number of tourists and percentage of foreign tourists by Romanian county, 2016.
What Does Romania Export the Most to Europe?
Optical fiber network of a Romanian ISP company reaching a record of 1000 Gbps speed in December 2016.
Employment in Romanian counties.
Historical regions of Romania.
Percentage of Roma (Romani) minority who speak Romani language in Romania by county, 2011.
Religious minorities in 1900's Romania, by historical region.
Every road and street in Romania. Source and more info >>
Romania and territories under Romanian administration between 1941-1944.
A map of the "Romanian Gulag" at the Sighet Museum, with the following phrase written underneath: When justice fails to become a...
Ethnic groups of Romania.
Romania split into 3 areas of equal population.
The rich and diverse etymology of Romanian county names.
GDP per capita of Romanian counties, 2016.
Ice hockey teams from Hungary, Romania and Serbia in MOL Liga season 2016/17.
Alternate history: Rohun - The Romanian-Hungarian Union
Languages of Romania.
The Administrative Organization of the Romanian Orthodox Church.
How much money every Romanian county brings in to the State's budget divided by the county's population.
Greater Romania and Aromanian territories in the Balkans, ~1921.
Traditional architectural styles in Romania by region.
Subdialects of the Romanian language.
Neoprotestant denominations in Romania. Source and more information (in romanian) >>
Cities and towns in Romania that have neighborhoods nicknamed „Katanga”, after the Dem. Rep. Congo's southern province.
Romania: Agricultural Statistical Map, 1900.
Stereotypes of Romania and its neighbors from the point of view of someone who lives in the capital. More stereotype maps »
Churches (top) vs hospitals (bottom) in Romania. Related: Map of all the churches in Poland >>
Percentage of Romanian homes with a toilet inside them.
Symkaria Michael Lark Secret Avengers: Run the Mission, Don’t Get Seen, Save the World
Romanian territorial changes.
Romania: dominant farm animal per administrative unit.
If Romania would implement the Finnish language system.
Biggest companies by Romanian county (based on turnover and the percentage of county’s total).
The Balkans, Yugoslavia & Rumania map from Pear’s Cyclopedia 1926
Religious diversity in Romania (translations inside the post)